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Get to know your customers through Facebook

Whether you have a big or a small company, it’s guaranteed that your customers are on Facebook. Even when you’re in B2B, because these businesses exist out of people that are also on Facebook. Did you know that Facebook owns a lot of data on its users, so also on your customers. And did you know that you can use this data in your advantage?

Facebook Pixel

If you don’t have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website jet, than this is the first thing you do. More info on how to implement the pixel you find in the advertiser help center of Facebook. With this pixel you can make custom audiences for your ads and measure conversions on your website. In the future you can use this data to target users on Facebook with more relevant ads.

Custom Audiences

You can also use the data you own on Facebook. For example a client list like a list of all the people that are subscribed to your newsletter. But you can also gather your website traffic data thanks to the Facebook Pixel. This way you can make lists of people who visit your website of a specific webpage. Facebook will then look at the data they have of their users and match these.

Audience Insights

This is where the fun really starts. You may have data on your customers, but who are they really? Imagine: users subscribe for your newsletter with their mail address. So you don’t know their sex, where they live or their age. When you upload this list into Facebook you can find this out thanks to the Audience Insights! Go to your Business Manager –> Plan –> Audience Insights. Here you can choose a Custom Audience to study.

This way you can easily make analysis of your customers. On the one hand you get to know things like where they live, how old they are, but also what their relationship status or their level of education is. All these analysis you can now use for your future campaigns or communication. Imagine that it shows that 80% of your subscribers are women. You can easily adapt your future newsletters to this…

Audience Overlap

Think back to the example above. If users only left you their mail address, you don’t know where they live or how old they are. If you have a customers card and through it you have gathered info on your customers, but not their mail address, than you still don’t know whether or not this are the people that have subscribed to your newsletter. Thanks to Facebook’s Audience Overlap Tool you are now able to see how many people are in 2 or more of your audiences. How this all works we explain you in a different article.

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