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Why choose Humix?

Of course, we offer you a market-conforming wage, a company car with a fuel card, and an awesome team atmosphere. But here at Humix, we believe that there’s something much more important than just the perks. What we truly value is the passion, dedication, and drive that you bring to the table.


Your input is meaningful for our customers, colleagues, yourself and Humix in general.


You will grow as a person and as an employee in a valuable way.


You strive to meet your goals and you aim ever higher.


You have a wide and deep pool of knowledge and you are keen to learn even more.


We appreciate your appreciation towards your colleagues and managers.


You’ll build durable and lasting relationships with customers and colleagues.

Not just another consultancy

We’re looking for individuals who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. We value hard work, perseverance, and a strong work ethic. We understand that success doesn’t come easy, but with the right team and mindset, we can achieve great things together.

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Spontaneous application

We are currently accepting spontaneous applications from individuals who possess a genuine passion for digital experiences and wish to contribute their expertise to our team.

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Accessibility Designer

You are convinced that the user must be at the heart of every design process and have specific attention for those with disabilities. You are always looking for reasons behind the behavior of the end users. You strongly believe in “form follows function” and always look for the best way to display content and structure in an interface in a pleasant and original way.

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As a new hire at Humix, I have been amazed by the incredible learning environment they provide. From day one, I have been enveloped with a plethora of information and knowledge. If you are seeking a workplace where you can expand your horizons, Humix is the perfect destination.


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