User Experience

UX is like the sea

At Humix, we’re proud of our “tegeltjescultuur” or tile culture. Whenever someone proclaims some words of wisdom, has an interesting experience, or learns a tough lesson, we try to capture it with a catchy slogan, which we then print onto a (digital) decorative wall tile.

“UX is like the sea: the further you go, the deeper it gets” was coined by our UX Strategist Tommy De Kimpe. It’s primarily used to reassure consultants that it’s perfectly okay not to know the ins and outs of UX yet.

Wal tile with the text X is like the sea

There’s this misconception that there comes a point when you ‘master’ your area of expertise. “If I just take this UX course, then I’ll get it…”

Although we encourage everyone to expand their skillset – especially in the field of UX, lifelong learning is an absolute must – it’s not just about following that one course. You will never reach the point where you know it all; it’s a pipe dream.

Even with 15 or even 20 years of experience, you still feel like you’re not even close to getting there. On the contrary: the more you know, the more you realize what you don’t know.

There’s no finish line, there’s only a general direction, so enjoy the swim.

Now go, and do some great UX.

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