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From Rapper’s Delight to User Delight: create experiences that make users smile

Gone are the days when “Rapper’s Delight” set the rhythm of our lives. Today, we’re tapping our feet to a different beat – the rhythm of User Delight. This isn’t just about catchy tunes; it’s about crafting digital experiences that resonate like a favorite song, turning routine interactions into moments of joy and delight.

Embracing User Delight in the digital world

In the digital landscape, User Delight is paramount for engagement.
Big names like Mailchimp, Duolingo, and Plantsome are at the forefront but smaller teams like ours are also enthusiastically joining in.
These innovators blend humor with creativity, transforming each user interaction from functional to delightful. As we jump into National Compliments Day, we’re not just tipping our hats to these big players; we’re also pulling back the curtain on our own projects. Are you eager for insider tips and tales on how to infuse User Delight into your digital projects? Let’s dive in and mix things up!

Mailchimp’s ovation in animation

Mailchimp, the virtuoso of email marketing, orchestrates User Delight with its charming chimp mascot. Providing animated high-fives after each campaign launch transforms a regular task into a digital gesture of applause and a moment of uplifting celebration.

Source: Mailchimp - High Five after each e-mail campaign launch
Mailchimp - High Five after each e-mail campaign launch

Duolingo’s linguistic fun

Duolingo, the beacon of language learning, makes mastering new tongues a joyous escapade. Each lesson is a step on a delightful path, sprinkled with humorous phrases and animations, where users awaken their inner language ninjas, one giggle at a time.

Source: Duolingo - Design Matters Conference Copenhagen 2023
Duolingo - Design Matters Conference Copenhagen 2023

Plantsome’s Playful Plant Paradise

Plantsome, a paradise for plant lovers, introduces a delightful garden through its creative naming and copywriting strategy. As you explore their products, you’ll find plants with friendly names such as “Woody,” “Bob,” or “Pablo,” each paired with descriptions that animate the plants in a unique way. Beyond the plants, Plantsome enhances your green space with appealing upselling items like “Gerrit De Gieter” and “Hans de Sproeier,” (dutch for “Gerrit the Watering Can” and “Hans the Sprayer”) , allowing you to add character and flair to your indoor jungle effortlessly.

Source: Plantsome
Detailed page of plant Woody on website of

Incorporating User Delight into our own projects

Integrating User Delight into your projects can be inspired by our work for Colora, a paint company, and Dossche Mills, a supplier of flour and meal. For Colora, we redesigned their website, infusing it with interactivity and charm. Elements such as lively text and a unique paintbrush cursor let users feel as if they’re painting directly on the site.

UI Design proposal for Colora by Humix
UI Design proposal for Colora by Humix
In our work with Dossche Mills, we came up with a unique idea to make data more interesting for bakers. Instead of the usual bar-chart, we thought, why not show it as a baguette? This way, it’s not just numbers on a screen but something bakers can relate to, making the whole experience more enjoyable and useful for them. It’s all about adding a bit of fun and relevance to the mix, aiming to delight users in the process.
Data visualization for Dossche Mills by Humix
Data visualization for Dossche Mills by Humix

Applying these insights

To integrate User Delight into your own projects, focus on the little things that make a big difference. Use engaging language, interactive elements, and unexpected surprises that resonate with your audience. Look for opportunities to inject humor and creativity into everyday interactions, turning them into memorable experiences.


In conclusion, User Delight is about creating user experiences that resonate with users, making every interaction a reason to smile. On this National Compliments Day, let’s commit to making our digital spaces as welcoming and joyful as our personal interactions. We aim not just for functionality, but for joy, laughter, and delight in every digital encounter.

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