Top Task Analysis for Scarlet

Blog: Top Task Analysis for Scarlet


Scarlet is a telecommunications provider that focuses on consumers who want the best value for their money. Scarlet offers fixed and mobile telephony, Internet connections and digital television in Belgium.


Scarlet asked us to modernize and update the 'My Scarlet'-environment to serve their clients better through this online channel. The ultimate goal of this project was to reduce the number of requests towards the customer service and to increase the number of 'My Scarlet'-users and in this way, have more satisfied customers.


In this kind of UX-projects there are 3 different phases, the analysis phase, the structure phase and the design phase. Subsequently we’ll explain how we have dealt with the top task questionnaire (which is a part of the analysis phase).

A top task questionnaire gives us a good idea of the tasks a user wants to fulfil on ‘My Scarlet’. You will see that there are only a few main tasks for which users come to visit your website. Gerry MC Govern says the following about it: “From the 100 tasks that visitors could fulfil on a website, only 5%of this tasks receives 25% of their attention. To achieve maximum effect, start by optimizing this most important tasks. By focussing on this tasks you get a customer focused website and you create a positive user experience.

We used Usabilla to investigate this top tasks. Usabilla is an online tool that allows you to easily collect information on your website. The survey existed out of 4 short questions. The last question “Why did you come to My Scarlet?” was the most important one. We proposed some possible tasks but also gave room to the user to fill in a different task. The survey was during one week shown to everyone who visited ‘My Scarlet’.


With a conversion rate of almost 50%, we can say that the survey was well received by the visitors. After the survey, we could clearly identify four top tasks. 71% of the visitors visited the website for one of this four tasks. These top tasks will be considered during the structure phase in a way that all the tasks offered on 'My Scarlet', can be put in a correct hierarchy.

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