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User Experience

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As UX architects, we put users at the center of the design process. We regularly involve them so they have the product they need, helping them the way they like it.

UX research

UX research gives insights in the different user groups (personas), their requirements, top tasks and the environment in which they want to carry out these tasks. Typical UX research methods are: persona creation, experience mapping, in-depth interviews, user focus groups, content audit, …

Information Architecture

The information architecture (IA) forms the basis of an application or website, it structures and labels the content so the user easily finds his way through the application and can perform his tasks intuitively.

Methods used to evaluate the IA with end users are live moderated or remote online card sorting, structure testing, …


Wireframes visualize how the application will look like and how the user interface will be built. Wireframes can evolve into a clickable prototype so that user tests can be performed to collect user feedback.

User testing

We recommend to organize user tests to evaluate a product, feature or prototype with real end users. By having a selection of end users perform some typical tasks with your application, problems can be detected and addressed.

UI design

UI design focuses on the design of the actual interface elements that the user interacts with to accomplish a goal within a website or application.

UI design has an impact on what users see, hear and feel. We primarily focus on graphical design but also have experience with other UIs such as natural language interfaces.

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