Customer Journey Mapping Round Table Take-aways

February 1, 2019

Thursday, the 31st of January, the idyllic and historical location of Wagenoord in Mechelen hosted the first Humix Round Table with Customer Journey Mapping as topic.

Customers from the telecom, banking, utilities and software sector joined us for an interesting discussion around how to improve the end to end customer experience and start the journey of personalization, making use of personas and customer journey maps.

The old garage provided for a nice environment to discuss the ins and outs of customer journey maps and the concierge house was the home to the round table where the participants shared their experiences and insights, discussed the pros and cons and took part in two exercises.


During the first exercise three personas were built based upon a fictitious case, which resulted in interesting discussions on how to do this and why this makes sense.

It was clear that the use of personas has a lot of advantages, that several participants already had used this and that the way they are used can differ per sector and per goal.

The use of analytics data to define the differences between personas triggered an interesting discussion.

After the creation of the personas, the logical next step was to build a high-level customer journey, based upon the case info, the own experience of the participants and analytics data.


This also led to new insights into what a customer journey map is, inspired discussions and share of experiences where it became clear that very often customer journey maps are used within a department to describe a part of the total journey, and it became clear that using this technique to map the entire journey – cross department and covering the entire customer live cycle – can bring significant advantages and new insights.

The overall conclusion after four hours of interactive discussion was that new insights had been gained, and that most users are planning to use these new experiences in their daily work to make the customer journey more clear, look into rooms for improvement and take the next steps in the personalization roadmap.

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Which made us very happy, since we at Humix, were able to bring these new insights to the customers and share our broad expertise and multiple experiences on data-based customer journey mapping, analytics, digital strategy, reporting and dashboarding, personalization and user experience.

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Luc Vos

Luc Vos

Digital Strategist

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