An application for medical studies for UCB


UCB is a pharmaceutical company, with a focus on neurology and immunology. Their biggest ambition is to change the lives of persons living with a severe disease. To offer each patient a solution for their specific issue, it’s important to follow a patient’s activities and problems on a day to day basis.

The goal

The goal was to develop an application to follow up on medical studies; giving an opportunity to see and observe the daily activities and problems of one specific patient. In order to follow the patients and studies as well as possible; each patient is provided with a smartphone on which he can enter his daily activities (taking medication, exercises, questionnaires). The doctor has a second application which will allow him to check the entered values of his patient. During a visit at the doctor, extra questionnaires need to filled out. This step can be done on a tablet using a third application (Site PRO).

To make sure that the different applications are easy to use by doctor and patient, Humix was brought into the project. After finalizing the different flows, detailed wireframes and designs were developed for the eDiary and site PRO applications.

What we did



Flow design


In total, a set of 4 applications was developed:

  1. eDiary: application on smartphone, for the patient
  2. Investigator Portal: application for the doctor/ researcher
  3. Site PRO: tablet application, used during a visit for filling out extra questionnaires
  4. Study Admin Webapp: umbrella application, where doctors and patients can be managed in the system
Wireframe example UCB case

For the doctor and patient the eDiary and Site PRO were of great importance. These two were also the first applications conceived during the project. For each of the applications, a first flow was designed; linking each screen in a schematic overview. That way we could guarantee that all functionalities were included and that none of steps were forgotten during the process.

Once the flow was finished, it was time to develop the wireframes, and finalizing the different screens in a detailed design. These screens were used as a starting point for the development team and the further development of the applications.

The results

The result of this project was an overview of the flow and clear insights in the connections between the different screens.
Besides the flow, a set of screen designs (wireframes) were developed and annotations were added to brief development.

This document will be used as a visual communication tool between the different parties working on the project.
The development team is working hard to get the apps up and running. User testing will start as soon as possible!

User Flows

Annotated Wireframes

Next steps

UCB will receive better insights in certain diseases and disorders thanks to the new applicationset. This can help to develop new medication or solutions and to improve the life of their patients.
Of course, the applications will constantly be improved and adapted, according to the needs of doctors and patients.

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