Get ready for the European Accessibility Act

Become an inclusive company and offer a great experience to all users.

Limited summer offer: book your accessibility scan for €3.950,00 (VAT Excl.) instead of €4.550

Why should I make my website accessible?

By making your website accessible you create a great user experience for all users, including people with disabilities. We help you to evolve from in-accessible to inclusive design.

Benefits of an accessible website:

✓  Avoid penalties and meet the compliancy deadline of June 2025

  Accessible websites can experience a 20% increase in customer conversion rates.

  Boost your brand credibility by delivering an accessible online experience.

How does it work?

#1 Scope definition

Based on your primary user journeys we determine the scope for the scan.

During a kick-off meeting we will discuss the proposed scope and the scan process.

Together we decide on the level of conformity and if we test for WCAG 2.1 or the European Accessibility Act

#2 Accessibility scan

Our accessibility experts perform the accessibility scan based on the WCAG-Evaluation Methodology. We use a combination of automated and manual checks with real (mobile) devices. They have access to the latest versions of assistive technologies such as: NVDA, VoiceOver, JAWS for Windows and Talkback.

#3 Reporting

The Accessibility scan is translated into an insightful report with:

A clear overview of your current compliancy status

A detailed list of issues to resolve 

Screenshots to illustrate the issues found 

User impact classification showing how the issue impacts the user

#4 Presentation

We present the scan results to your whole team of developers, designers and content producers to get them all involved.

What does it cost?

To give you a head start we offer you this summer an accessibility scan for €3.950 (VAT excl.) instead of €4.550 (VAT excl.). 

For this price you get an accessibility scan of 15 – 20 pages or components. 

At the end you get valuable insights in how to improve the accessibility of your digital product and raise awareness within your teams. 

Humix ❤️ all users

As a UX Design agency we strive for a great experience for all users. Over the years we have build expertise in designing interfaces that are great to use, look good and deliver the expected business results.

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