Website design for FPS Economy


FPS Economy is a department of Belgium’s federal government that aims to create the right conditions for a competitive, sustainable and balanced operation of the goods and services market in Belgium.

The goal

The main goal of this project was to redesign the FPS Economy’s website to create a better user experience for the visitors of their website. More in detail we focused on following objectives:

  • Redesign their content rich website
  • Restructure information
  • Focus on simplicity of the website to increase usability and customer centric approach

What we did

Digital Strategy

Define online goals & KPIs


Creating persona’s and customer journeys


Information Architecture


Tree testing & User testing


This project consisted out of 3 major phases: gathering information, creating a new structure and designing the website accordingly to this new structure.

We started with a workshop to define the goals and associated KPIs to gain better insight of our client and their customers.
We discovered that there’s a lot of information they offer their customers, which results in the customer (= end-user) being confused.
We needed to focus on what the end-user actually does on FPS Economy’s website to be able to serve them better. This lead to our second step, the task analysis.

By researching the user’s behaviors and intents, we were able to find out which tasks visitors want to perform on the website. This information was very valuable because it served as a guideline during the restructuring of the website content.

By organising a second workshop we tried to gather more information  concerning the content and the manner it was displayed at that time. Combining all these new insights we could start designing a new structure for the website. Using different User Experience techniques like cardsorting, we could co-create this new structure with the end users, tailoring it perfectly to their needs.

Last but not least, we could kick-off the design phase where we implemented our learnings into well-thought wireframes, the foundation for the new website.

After user testing these wireframes, we did additional iterations and optimisations to make sure we deliver a well redesigned website, fulfilling the original set of goals and user needs.

The results

This user-centered design process resulted in a new website for the FPS Economy with a strong focus on the top tasks of the various target groups.

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