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Key takeaways of Conversion Day 2016

On Wednesday 15/11/2016 Bloovi organized another edition of Conversion Day, this time in the heart of Brussels. Ready for a day of interesting insights and new tools, but also to admire our very own Lonneke Spinhof during her presentation on how to get the most out of on-site surveys!


Marketing anno 2016

First, Christian Kinnear from Hubspot talked about the next step in driving revenue and growth with inbound marketing. He told that you have to change your position and your approach to make your customer’s needs your ultimate priority. These days there are so many tools and resources that  totally changed the world of marketing. 60% of your sales cycle is over even before a consumer talks to your marketer. Further, he told that every piece of content is an opportunity to be found by the consumer.

Kinnear: “Build a real audience for your product. As soon as you stop paying and there’s no audience, you’re doing something wrong.”


Stop gambling

Next up: Karl Gillis about how conversion optimization made him a better digital marketer. He insisted multiple times that you have to test things before you want to change them on your website. Don’t change the design of your website because your designers think “hey look, a new feature, let’s put it on the website!”, or because you think that that button would look better in blue,… Test test test! Stop gambling. And do user research, not only market research.

Besides, the power of words is much bigger than the power of design. An example: users are more likely to click on a button that says “find a dealer” instead of “search for a dealer”. Stop selling how you want to sell – sell the way people want to buy.Above all: #greatmarkertingstartswithnotsucking  ?

Humix found(st)er Lonneke Spinhof explained how to get the most out of on-site surveys. Summarized:

  1. Determine what you need to know
  2. Keep it short
  3. Choose the right time to ask
  4. Spread data collection over a period

Further, Alex Reinhold talked to us about the fact that every user is different. An active user behaves differently than a new user, who behaves differently than a dormant user.


Facebook Advertising

After lunch, I focused on the talks handling Facebook and Facebook Advertising. Claudia Tluk warned us for the use of interest targeting. Why? Take a look at your own interests (according to Facebook): When you do decide to use it, always combine it with behavioural targeting, demographic targeting or custom audiences.

A good advice she gave on using website traffic for targeting was that you also have to think about excluding people. For example, when you’re an airline company and you target people how have visited a page about a certain destination don’t remarket those that have already bought a ticket to that destination.

She also concluded: Don’t tell the story you want to tell, but tell the story your audience wants to hear. And as though it sounds easy, it’s harder than you think.

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