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Google Analytics Certified Partner

After a very strict screening procedure we are very proud to announce that, since the summer of 2015, Humix has been acknowledged “official Google Analytics Certified Partner” (GACP). This certification is a way for Google to confirm their confidence in the expertise and knowledge of our agency, specifically in the field of complex analytics implementations, analysis and web site optimization.

Benefits of working with a Certified Analytics Partner

Working together with a certified partner offers many advantages that can benefit you as a client as well. We are in direct contact with the Google Analytics team. This means we will always be up-to-date with the latest Analytics novelties and features. We also have access to the GACP support community, where several Google Analytics experts worldwide are active.

As partner, we are also invited to the yearly Google Analytics Summit in San Francisco. Consequently, we are among the first ones to be informed about the latest developments and updates that are made or will be made to Google Analytics. This means we’re able to anticipate and implement these new features for our clients as soon as they’re being released.

An official partner can be recognized by the Google Analytics Certified Partner badge and the company page in the partner portal. This is not to be confused with the Adwords Partner badge or the individual Google Analytics Qualification (GAIQ). These are different qualifications that we obtained in an earlier stage and that form proof of our expertise in Adwords and the individual Analytics knowledge of each of our consultants. The GACP title is a recognition at company level and is rarely awarded by Google. Alongside Humix, there are only five other companies in Belgium that are authorized to “brag” about being official GACP’s. Yes, we are proud!

Analytics Certified Partner

This badge is a prove of the expertise and trustworthiness of Humix as a partner for your Google Analytics questions and challenges.

Adwords Partner

This badge confirms that Humix is a good partner for managing and optimizing your Adwords Campaigns.

Analytics Individual Qualification

This badge shows that a consultant has passed the Google Analytics exam. All Humix web analytics earned this certification.

How to become a Certified Analytics Partner?

Before being recognized as official certified partner we had to go through a strict selection procedure. Based on our cases we have managed to convince the experts at Google of our capabilities to create and deliver complex analytics implementations and extensive data analysis.

Furthermore Google also checks for other factors such as the trainings we offer our new staff members, our technical knowledge (website building, Javascript, Google Tag Manager), but also the “health” of our business in general.

To summarize: Teaming up with a Google Analytics Certified Partner guarantees that the consultants you are working with have the necessary experience and knowledge and will always be able to rely on an extensive network and support from Google themselves. The Humix consultants are always up-to-date with the latest developments within Google Analytics and can advise you on a fully customized implementation of your business objectives.

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