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Benefits of a Customer Journey workshop

In a Customer Journey workshop you gather all stakeholders involved and collectively visualize the overall customer experience. We uncover moments of both frustration and delight throughout the interactions between your customer and your service or product. 

After the workshop we’ve ticked the following boxes:

✓  Look at your service or product from the customer’s point of view

  Align stakeholders around common goals & vision

✓  Improve communication across silos in the organization

  Identify pain points and allows you to set priorities

How does it work?

#1 Preparation

  • Focus on one actor and per journey map. You can have multiple maps per workshop.
  • Define the relevant stakeholders to invite
  • Go through data or research you already have (customer feedback, analytics,)

#2 Homework

Before the workshop we’ll ask all participants to do some homework and go through the available data. Don’t worry – we won’t give you bad grades.

#3 Workshop

The workshop takes 4h (including ☕️ of course) in which we: 

  1. Validate the scenarios  
  2. Understand and map customer data  
  3. Identify pain points and moments of delight 
  4. Come up with big ideas to remedy pain points 

#4 Result

At the end you’ll get insights accompanied by a nice visual that you can use for further refinement and/or to make available to your whole team. 

Your workshop online or in-person? You decide.

In-person workshop

In our experience, an in-person workshop is often more productive because of the human interaction between participants – it’s easier to align when they interact with each other in the same room. 

Online workshop

On the other hand, an online workshop also has benefits: easier to schedule and you don’t have to gather all participants in one physical space. We use online templates to make such an online workshop also very successful.

Who should attend?

Involve as many stakeholders as possible. A customer journey workshop is an excellent way of getting communication going between stakeholders on a customer-centered theme:

  • Business
  • Product management
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Customer care

What does it cost?

The price for a customer Journey workshop is 2.450,00 EUR (VAT Excl.) for both the in-person and the offline version. 

For this price you get an experienced UX Strategist and UX consultant to prepare and facilitate the workshop. 

At the end you get valuable insights in your customer experience, accompanied by a nice visual that you can use for further refinement and/or to make available to your whole team. 

Humix ❤️ workshops

As a UX Design agency we have plenty of experience in User-Centered Design techniques and have helped dozens of online and in-person Customer Journey Workshops. 

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