Google Tag Manager

Blog: Google Tag Manager

Tag Management Systems empower marketeers to get more impact on the website code. In this training, we make you familiar with the concepts of tag management and explain you how you can use Google Tag Manager to better understand the behavior and actions of your users.

During this training you’ll learn:

  • What Google Tag Manager is and how it should be implemented on your website
  • The difference between tags, rules and variables
  • How to perform a correct Google Analytics implementation through GTM
  • How to track buttons, links and forms
  • The added value of a data layer and how it can be used in Google Tag Manager
  • Using the built-in tag debugger
  • Helpful tips & tricks for an optimal use of GTM

For who?

For marketers, analysts and developers who want to understand the features and benefits of Google Tag Manager, or who want to align the management and configuration of their analytics package with the needs of today in a more flexible and dynamic way.