Adobe Analytics

Blog: Adobe Analytics

Adobe analytics offers enormous advantages in terms of customization. But this personalization brings complexity along. During this training, we will look at the way Adobe analytics collects data and how to analyze these data in the reporting interface. This in-company training is fully customized according to your specific setup and configuration.

During this training you’ll learn:

  • What metrics are standard available in Adobe analytics
  • The difference between props, eVars and events and how it is best used in reports
  • What are classifications and how to use them?
  • Using the various built-in reports
  • How your traffic is grouped into channels
  • How to create and manage users
  • How to set up simple dashboards
  • How to create custom reports in Workspace

For who?

This course is designed for companies and professionals who want to explore the behavior of their visitors using Adobe analytics and those who want to fully make use of the potential of this tool.