The power of lead nurturing for B2B

Lead nurturing is not a marketing job, it is not a sales job, it is a joint effort of both. This can only work or be successful if marketing & sales work together, if they share their needs, expectations, objectives, if they share feedback and work as one team. The quality of every lead will increase, the number of leads will go up, the revenu will grow.

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What is lead nurturing or lead management and how is it done? It is one part of the full marketing automation group of tasks, that will help you turn prospects into customers. It is the process of transforming unknown prospects into known leads, into customers and finally into loyal customers through a series of intelligent and measured actions.

what is marketing automation

By nurturing your leads, by getting to know your prospects step by step and feeding them the information they seek and need, you will end up with more customers of higher value at a lower sales cost. And, as a very clear and definite bonus, you will be able to measure and prove the investment and the return.

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When you deliver the right – valuable and relevant – content to your visitors in every step of their funnel, they will gradually convert into leads, into prospects and eventually into customers. You will lose leads along the way, but if your content focus is right, you will lose those that would not be interested anyway, so this is not an issue and actually means a saving for your sales that do not have to contact prospects that never were interested in the first place.

Lead Nurturing flow

The example to the right of what the real return of a campaign with or without marketing automation and lead nurturing has been, clearly shows that the investment in nurturing your leads will lead to higher bottom line revenu and happier customers. The content you deliver to your customers is more valuable, the interaction more personal and the long term relationship more intense.

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