User Experience

User experience

“Make the experience perfect!”

As UX architects, we put the users at the center of the design process. We investigate what they need, what they consider important, their possibilities and their limitations.

Depending on the project, certain UX methods are used to collect user feedback in order to guarantee an optimal user experience.

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UX Analysis

The UX analysis gives insights in the different user groups (personas), their requirements, top tasks and the environment in which they want to carry out these tasks. Methods used during the UX analysis are: persona creation, experience mapping, in-depth interviews, user focus groups, content audit,…

User Experience - UX analysis

Information Architecture

The information architecture (IA) forms the basis of an application or website, it structures and labels the content so that the user easily finds his way through the application and can perform his tasks intuitively.

Methods used are live moderated or remote online card sorting, structure testing, …

User Experience - Information Architecture


Wireframes visualize how the application will look like and how the user interface will be built. Wireframes can evolve into a clickable prototype so that user tests can be performed to collect user feedback.

User Experience - Wireframing

User Testing

We recommend to organize user tests to evaluate a product, feature or prototype with real end users. By having a selection of end users perform some typical tasks with your application, problems can be detected and later addressed.


User Experience - User Testing

UX Optimization

UX optimization is the process of continuously improving the online user experience using analysis tools such as click heatmaps, A/B testing …

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User Experience - UX Optimization

Our other services

Service Digital strategy

Digital strategy

Today’s customers have no boundaries anymore between the physical and the digital world. To be able to keep, optimize and extend the relationship with your customer across all touchpoints and devices it is imperative that you extend your digital footprint and make sure you know how to interact with your customer during every phase of their life cycle.
Service Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics

Collecting data is not a goal, it is a means to create valuable insights into your customers and their journey and use this knowledge to deliver the perfect experience and support your business growth.
Service Personalization & Optimization

Personalization & Optimization

Personalized experiences across all channels are the new normal. Deep dive data analysis will give you profound insights into who your customer is. Followed by A/B testing and consequential improvements, you will deliver your end to end promise to your customer.