Digital Strategy

Digital strategy

“Get your digital fundamentals right.”

Today’s customers have no boundaries anymore between the physical and the digital world. They interact with you across all touchpoints and across all devices. To be able to keep, optimize and extend the relationship with your customer it is imperative that you extend your digital footprint and make sure you know how to interact with your customer during every phase of their life cycle, across all touchpoints and during every step of their journey.

Our experts can help you build a future proof digital strategy, in perfect synch with your overall strategy and support you in building the optimal interactions to make sure your customers stay with you all the way.

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Goal & KPI Definition

Companies have to know what they’re up against. Making data driven decisions begins with knowing what information you need.

That’s why it is important for an organization to determine their goals and KPIs in advance. This way, the entire organization is aligned and understands against which parameters, campaigns and optimizations will be evaluated.

Digital Strategy - Goal _ KPI definition

Customer Journey Mapping

A Customer Journey Map is a visualization of the interactions the customer has with all possible touchpoints in his or her journey, such as the website, emails, social media, points of sales,… In short; every interaction between you and your customer during every phase of his or her life cycle.

The visualization of all these interactions helps to understand that a customer’s journey is not linear and that different departments need to align to ensure a unified experience.

Digital Strategy - Customer journey mapping

Data Maturity

Often different opinions and perceptions exists on how data mature an organization is, or in other words: “How good is the quality and reliability of your data and do you know how to interpret and use it?”. By providing an assessment that questions your current data maturity from different points of view, the voice and perceptions of all stakeholders surface.

Based on the results, our consultants help design a plan that strives for growth of your organization’s data maturity. In which they focus on all aspects that impact on organization’s maturity: strategy, data gathering, customer centric culture, in-house knowledge, operational capabilities and the available technology.

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Digital Strategy - Data Maturity

Data As An Asset

Are you truly aware of the value that qualitative data has? Not only for informing business decisions, but also as an asset in itself. Data can be used to feed artificial intelligence and machine learning models, which can differentiate your service from competitors. Or which can even lead to complete new business models.

Our data strategists think along how the available data can create value for both your business and consumers. We’re happy to take on the challenge of setting up proof-of-concepts of new business models, driven by data, together with your innovation team.

Digital Strategy - Data as an asset

Our other services

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Digital Analytics

Collecting data is not a goal, it is a means to create valuable insights into your customers and their journey and use this knowledge to deliver the perfect experience and support your business growth.
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As UX architects, we put the users at the center of the design process and help you in delivering a perfect experience across all touchpoints and during every phase of their life cycle.
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Personalized experiences across all channels are the new normal. Deep dive data analysis will give you profound insights into who your customer is. Followed by A/B testing and consequential improvements, you will deliver your end to end promise to your customer.