Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics

“Know what you are doing.”

Data is everywhere, collecting terabytes of data from all digital interactions you have with your customers every day is very easy; understanding the data and being able to interpret it and draw the correct conclusions is a lot harder. Collecting data is not a goal, it should be a means to getting to know your customers in the utmost detail, to understand them and use these insights to make the experience personal and perfect.

This is where our experts can set you on the right track to make sure you don’t get lost in the endless stream of data and come to the right insights and conclusions to turn this data into a distinctive element in the interactions you have with your customers and make sure you can stay ahead of your competitors by delivering the best possible customer experience and consequently support your business growth.

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Measurement Framework

The first step in defining what thrives your business is a KPI-workshop where we help you defining the KPIs that will be used as goals to be measured against. Based on the outcome of this workshop the measurement framework can be composed and focus will be put on the important goals in your company to make sure you measure what matters.

It is a document that can be used as guideline for the implementation and optimization of your web analytics.

Digital Analytics - Measurement framework

Tracking implementation & configuration

We can help you implement and configure your digital analytics environment. Whether you’re using Google or Adobe Analytics, our consultants have profound knowledge and experience in both analytics tools and can help you implement an analytics setup customized to your specific business needs.

Digital Analytics - Tracking implementation _ configuration

Tag Management

Whether you already have a tag management system in place, like to implement one or migrate from one to another, we bring experience to the table! We’ll help you define all necessary requirements, translate them into technical documentation and provide support in terms of implementation, configuration and tag debugging. As we’re tool independent, we’re sure we can help you out!

Digital Analytics - Tag Management

Analysis & Reporting

We help you extract actionable insights out of your data by performing deep-dive analysis and reports. We strongly focus on valuable reporting and analysis that’s comprehensible for all stakeholders by providing context to your data and taking away misunderstandings on how to interpret data.

Digital Analytics - Analysis _ Reporting

Data Visualization

You do not want to waste hours making recurring reports or monitoring KPIs in different tools. Thanks to dashboards you have all the important information at hand. One glance is enough to stay informed. They also help to maintain focus and make everyone within the organization more aware of the data that is available.

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Digital Analytics - Data Visualization

Our other services

Service Digital strategy

Digital strategy

Today’s customers have no boundaries anymore between the physical and the digital world. To be able to keep, optimize and extend the relationship with your customer across all touchpoints and devices it is imperative that you extend your digital footprint and make sure you know how to interact with your customer during every phase of their life cycle.
Service User experience

User experience

As UX architects, we put the users at the center of the design process and help you in delivering a perfect experience across all touchpoints and during every phase of their life cycle.
Service Personalization & Optimization

Personalization & Optimization

Personalized experiences across all channels are the new normal. Deep dive data analysis will give you profound insights into who your customer is. Followed by A/B testing and consequential improvements, you will deliver your end to end promise to your customer.