Structure & Design Test for bank X

Blog: Structure & Design Test for bank X

Bank X

The client was a bank that needed a new website, both in Dutch and French. This bank works with both individuals and companies.


During the analysis phase for the development of this new bank website, we had to test the content structure and the designs with the end-users. Two structural variants in Dutch and in French needed to be tested with both individuals and self-employed as well as a set of French designs. It was very important to involve a large group of people in these tests.


To test the largest possible group of people we used online tests both for the structure test, as for the feedback on the designs. The structure test was conducted with an online tool that allows participants to perform tasks by navigate through the proposed content structure step by step. Each structure (2 in French and 2 in Dutch) was tested with a group of participants who were asked to carry out certain tasks within that structure.

The design feedback was also collected with an online tool. Targeted questions were asked to the users such as ͚Where would you click if you are looking for a bank office?͛ and ͚Which elements on this page instantly attracted your attention?͛.

After the tests, the participants had to fill in an online survey to collect more subjective information about the tested structures and designs. A total of 125 people conducted the test over a period of 10 days.

User Testing

Online User Testing


Based on the test results, we could assemble the final content structure. Thanks to user feedback, it became clear that some labels were more clear in French than in Dutch, and that not all content needed to be structured in the same way.

Based on the feedback we collected during the design test, we have made specific recommendations to modify the graphic designs. The results helped us to determine the correct focus in the designs.

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