Ask the UX-expert!

October 11, 2016
Blog: Ask the UX-expert!

Do you want your website to match with the needs of your users? Let one of our UX experts take a look at your website from a different perspective. With an expert review you immediately gain insight into potential problem areas of the website.

A website is the sign board of your company and users will always directly link their first experience with the website to the quality of the products and services you offer. It is therefore important that this f irst experience is experienced as positive by the users.

In an expert review a UX expert looks at the UX experience and the usability of a website by walking in the shoes of a typical user and/or by the use of persona’s. During this task, he carefully uses the UX standards and guidelines. He reports problems and makes recommendations on how to solve them.

Each recommendation will be assigned with a priority level; high, low or average. Some recommendations will be marked as ’quickwin’. Adjustments based on these recommendations will, with a little effort, have a major impact on the user experience.

An expert review obviously doesn’t offer the same depth and certainty then observing users. We therefore always advise to do some user testing. However, an expert review is a good start that’s mostly used when the end users are difficult to reach, or when the budget or time limit does not allow user testing.

But how does an expert review work? There are several elements of a website that will be treated in every expert review. Some examples are:

  • Impression and Authority
  • Navigation and Task Orientation
  • Information Architecture
  • Homepage
  • Header and Footer
  • Data Input and Data Fields
  • Lay-out

Our UX expert will thoroughly analyze all these elements from the user’s perspective. The result is a clear understanding of the positive and negative aspects of the site and concrete recommendations to address these problem areas.

It’s recommended to underpin an expert review by analytics. This helps to identify the size of the problem areas and makes the recommendations measurable. You can read more about this, on this part of our website.

Annelies Jans

Annelies Jans

UX Consultant

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